How to Choose Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare contrast essay topicsChoosing good compare and contrast essay topics is important to every author. In order to make the proper choice, you should focus on things that your are personally interested in and have enough knowledge to write about. It is also recommended to think about the subjects, persons, events and ideas you are going to contrast and compare in the abstract way.

To assist you in clarifying your thoughts and fortifying your commitment to the topic, here are several questions for you to think about before you begin writing your essay. Although the opinions may change when you start writing or they may become more elaborated, looking through your choice of the topic will definitely help you avoid many errors in future.

  • What two subjects will your paper consider?
  • In what ways are they similar or different?
  • Think over why are you interested in these particular subjects?
  • Did they play any significant role in your personal or professional life?
  • How much do you know about both subjects? Would you be able to give a balanced picture?
  • Put down several sentences describing your attitude toward them.
  • Decide whether you have a preference for one.
  • Explain why other people would find the topic of your choice interesting.
  • Would a certain group of people be more stirred by your topic than others?
  • What kind if difficulties might this topic present while writing a draft copy?

Here are some good compare and contrast essay topics to choose from. Before writing narrow your subject matter, state a thesis in which you make a clear point, and follow one of the two compare and contrast essay outlines.

  • Children’s interests today and yesterday;
  • Two places that are special for you in various ways;
  • Two teachers or tutors whose teaching styles are effective but different;
  • A book vs. its screen version;
  • Watching a film on TV vs. watching it in a theater;
  • Two well-known pieces of literature or art;
  • Two friends with different lifestyles;
  • Two contradictory theories you are studying in a different college course;
  • Reporting of the same news by two newspapers or magazines;
  • The look at the hero phenomenon today and yesterday;
  • Two pieces of technology or equipment that you tried;
  • Living ina detached house and living in a flat;
  • Two different appoaches to problem soving in some your professional field;
  • One of popular entertainments from nowadays vs. one from the past;
  • The physical and intellectual requirements of two jobs;
  • Parents and teachers as educators;
  • Some natural object and an artificial one.

Writing on one of compare and contrast essay topics is not really a difficult task. To prepare for it just make the list of all similarities that two or more subjects have. Then make another list with all their differences that you can remember. These first steps are as good as half over.

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