Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School – How to Choose and Develop

Most of middle school and high school students will be assigned a range of compare and contrast essays, especially in Literature classes. Compare and contrast essay has several factors that need to be followed for it to become effective.

First of all, the topic chosen should be between two comparable entities. Forcing two issues that are simply incomparable would just make the essay flawed and pointless. One should identify the focus of the essay, why the writer chose the topics, and what he hopes to prove or disprove at the end of the essay.

It’s not difficult at all to choose  a topic for a compare and/or since everyone basically makes choices by comparing and contrasting the options available everyday. Take the case of choosing which mobile phone to buy. One surely takes the time to research the different models available in the market and then compare and contrast the various features and only after, does one make a decision. Similarly, compare and contrast essay topics for high school can be found everywhere.

Next, one should make use of a Venn diagram. A Venn diagram is a type of visual brainstorming wherein one draws two overlapping circles. One thinks and writes all the differences of the two entities on the part of the circles that are not overlapping. The similarities are then written on the overlapping portion. The Venn diagram enables the writer to choose and focus on those characteristics that are important and vital in supporting the writer’s purpose for the essay.

One should then choose the structure with which he wishes to develop his comparison and contrast essay. It can either be the point-by-point method or the topic-by-topic method. Whatever format or structure one chooses, it is always best to choose just three to four main points of contention; points or characteristics that best support the main theme or idea of the essay.

There are also certain transition words that one needs to be familiar with in order to make the compare contrast essay more effective and more coherent. They also make it easy to show the connections and the smooth flow of ideas. To compare, the common transition words are also, as well as, in the same manner, likewise, and similarly. To contrast, the common transition words are although, even though, however, nevertheless, on the contrary, unlike, and while.

In conclusion, one should just state the main points again and give one’s opinion.


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